Monday, October 10, 2011

Everything Lovely {Day Three: sound}

A lovely day to you, dearies! Wow, I feel terrible. I haven't posted in what... four days? Yeah. It's bad.  But... I will make up for my mistake by posting twice!

Anyway, let's get going with day three: sound!

the sound of...

- typewriters clacking away in another room... or my own :) -

- music. music. music. any kind, any time, any place. -

- r a i n -
(isn't this a great picture? i didn't take it, but i wish i did.)

- the crackling of a bonfire -

- the crunching of leaves beneath my feet -

- the buzzing of my phone, reminding me that i have friends who love me -

- and the satisfying "click" of my dear Hobie (my camera) as i capture the life around me -

A happy rest of your day to you!

{P.S. second and third photos taken from weheartit. All others by me.}
{P.P.S. more to come soon!}


  1. thanks for the comment Lindsey. love yours too!

  2. I L-O-V-E this post!!!!!!!!! :)))

  3. Thankya, Cindi!! I love you! And I feel like we need to hang out. soon. Oh, I'm gonna see you tomorrow!!


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