Thursday, October 6, 2011

Everything Lovely {Day Two: Taste}

Here's day two: taste! This is gonna be a fun one! :)) But... it may be hard, considering the vast number of  mouthwatering foods I feast on weekly... or sometimes daily. :)

the taste of...

...enough said. mmmm...

(especially with maraschino cherries!)

(peppermint, chamomile, sweet. :))

(a saturday morning ritual, rarely to be broken)

-cotton candy-
(mmm...mmm...mmm! Nothing better than food that is as delicious as it is magical!) 

(I think this might actually be my favorite candy.)

- i c e  c r e a m -
(yum, yum, yummmmm. I don't quite know what I'd do if I could never have ice cream again... probably curl up and cry for days.)

Mexican food is my favorite... evah.

-cherry cheesecake-
(or any cheesecake for that matter!)

(despite their high price, cashews are one of my favorite munchies.)

(and almost all other fruit)

-every other kind of sweet treat you can imagine-

Hope you enjoyed this! (And I hope I didn't make you incredibly hungry :))

Much Love, a hug, and sweet dreams to you all!


{P.S. Photos taken from Weheartit.}
{P.P.S. Going to an antique sale tomorrow- bright and early! :DD}


  1. Loved this post! And I must admit this does make me hungry......especially the cotton candy and cupcake! :)))

  2. Oh yes, oreos... enough said.
    Have fun at the sale!

  3. Cindi- thankya! Yeah, after I got done I started craving all this food... then I made a milkshake. :))

    Sonya-Ah, yes, Oreos. yum, yum yum. The sale was great! I'll have to post about it!


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