Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back then...

Lately I've been realizing how much things have changed since I was a little girl. I headed outside and, surprising myself, I plopped onto the swing in my backyard- the swing I used to spend hours on every day. I hadn't touched that thing in months until I used it this afternoon. Strange how things gradually change over time, and we don't even realize it. I mean, it's not like one day I said "I'm not going to swing on this thing anymore". I guess as we grow up these habits just keep decreasing until they don't exist anymore. 

back then I sat in the yard making mud dishes and stews.

now if I'm in the backyard I'm usually picking up dog poop or taking photos.

back then I did ballet,

hid in linen closets, 

 spent hours playing with my sister, 

and read book after book to her.

now I do track, don't hide in linen closets very often (except on rare occasions), don't "play" with my sister like we used to, and I don't remember the last time I read a book to her. But she's growing up too, I guess.

However, some things don't  really change. 

back then I liked to cook. and...

now I still like to cook. 

back then I liked to ride horses. and...

now I still enjoy it. 

back then I loved s'mores and getting sticky... and anything sweet. :)

now I still do... probably even more!

And... back then I was a goober.

needless to say, I still am now. :)

I hope you enjoyed this! Much Love and a hug!

Lindsey Lou hoo 


  1. This is a really really really good post!! Its so true!


    P.S. You were the cutest kid ever!

  2. awh, thankya so much Cindi!

    I kind of have this urge to put that photo of you and me on here (the one on my 7th birthday).


    P.S. thank you!! ;)

  3. awwwwww....I remember that! That was so much fun! Haha! Those were the good old days!

  4. yeah! I can remember that day so well because it was right after we moved into town! :)

  5. My favorite post - EVER! I love it that you are YOU. I miss the days when you were little, but I love who you are becoming :)


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