Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Double-digits! *excited beam*

Hip! Hip! Hooray! I have ten followers! 
Okay, now I know that doesn't sound like much, especially when lots of people have triple digits... or quadruple digits... or whatever comes after that. 
But, for me this is a big deal! I remember the day I had three followers and never thought I would have any more. I was moping around, thinking that my life would be follower-less forever. 
However, thanks to you all, I am increasing in number, and I couldn't be more pleased!

And I just have to tell you, when I went from 7 to 10 in under 24 hours, my day was made! It distracted me from being sad and gave me a new burst of creativity and motivation.

Sunrise and tea?

{this is a photo i took just after sunrise, a few weeks ago. i can't decide if i like it or not. what do you think of if?}

It's 6:48. i peek out the window and hop out of bed. Fishing to the end of my bed for a pair of socks, i begin to dream about the hour to come. i scurry downstairs so i can set the water to boil. oops! i forgot my mug! Back upstairs. As quietly as possible, i empty my metal Coleman mug of the various pens and pencils it holds. The water boils and i prepare my tea. 
i decide that a sweatshirt and something to sit on atop the wet roof would be beneficial. setting down my mug, i clumsily plunge my finger into the steaming cup of tea- as instinct, i pull it out and pop it in my mouth, licking off the sweet tasting delightfulness. then i head to my brother's room, where he is  sleeping in his hammock as usual. bang! a loud noise startles me. it's me bumping into some large, unidentifiable object to my right. i tiptoe further until i reach the window. pulling back the curtain and yanking up the blind, i open the window and stretch my leg out onto the wet roof. then the other one follows.
From there i trek to the top, being sure not to tromp, because the sound of someone on the roof is quite loud, and definitely recognizable. 
when i make it up, i carefully set down my tea and begin to watch. time passes. i try not to let my neighbors see me because they don't understand how wonderful the roof is, so i imagine the just think i'm insane. 
i keep my gaze fixed on the spot where the sun rises every morning. but in stead of that warm, yellow lemon drop on the horizon, i see only a general light in the sky and a few clouds. then i feel something. drip, drip. it begins to rain and i see lightning.  so that's why i couldn't see the sun come up. all the clouds and much-needed rain waiting to come out are covering it up. so, desiring to live, rather than die by lightning at age 15, i gather up and sneak inside. And in the dining room i settle in next to the window and read the final chapter of The Hunger Games. Umm, so. good. Now i just have to locate a copy of Catching Fire before i lose my mind trying to figure everything out myself. :) So even if i didn't get to see the sun rise, it wasn't a failure.

Have a lovely day! i hope you enjoy every minute of it.

Much Love and a bear hug,

-Lindsey Nicole

{p.s. tonight cameron, libby and i made a pretty sweet fort in the reading room-- complete with colored christmas lights! i'm sitting in it right now as i type away.}

{p.p.s. i am discovering how nice it feels to write in all lower-case letters... it's almost relaxing.}


  1. Pahahaha! Looks like you had an adventure out on your roof! :)

    Congrats on reaching doube digits with your followers! It doesn't matter HOW many you have, everytime you receive a new follower, I swear, your heart just jumps for joy :)

  2. this was such a lovely post. beautiful. and i love that photo! :))
    -jocee <3

  3. That sounds like fun!! I don't know about you, but I LOVE it when I wake up and it is all stormy outside. And then it thunders and lightnings...

    btw, I LOVE your picture. Sunshine makes me smile.:-)

    Congrats on your followers!

  4. This was a wonderful post, and picture, it is really beautiful. I love those types of adventures, they make better memories. :))

    Yay for double digits! :)


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